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To secure the booking a minimum of 20% of the total charter fee is required at time of booking confirmation, and the making of the payment confirms the Charter’s acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. Payment of the balance of the Charter Fee is due 2 weeks prior to departure. Failure to pay any part of the deposit or balance will void the booking.


Cancellations by the Owner for weather, safety or any other reason is at the Captains discretion. In the unlikely event of cancellation, alternative dates suitable to both parties will be offered
No responsibility shall be accepted by the Owner for unforeseen adverse weather conditions. In the event that a charter is delayed or cut short due to weather, breakdowns or medical emergencies fees will not be refunded. Illness or seasickness is not a reason for a refund.


Should the Chartered choose to cancel the charter, the owner will transfer the charter to a date suitable to both
parties (14 days notice must be given)
Alternatively if guests cannot make the alternate date, we can hold a 100% credit for the charterer to use for up to 6 months.


If the Charterer has arranged a beach landing / swimming / water activities such as stand up paddle boarding as part of the itinerary, all guests accessing the beach / entering the water DO SO AT THEIR OWN RISK
The owner shall not be liable for accidents, injuries or death due to swimming or water activities.


The Charterer shall not, at any time during the charter period exceed the maximum number of persons - 140 guests and 5 crew. Where Children are taken on board, the Charterer will be fully responsible for their safety, conduct and entertainment and no member of the crew shall be called upon in anyway to be responsible for their safety, behaviour or entertainment.


The consumption of alcohol may increase the risk of injury and the Charterer accepts that risk. The owner shall not be liable for any perusal injury or death arising from or in any way related to the consumption of alcohol. Persons over the age of 18 years only permitted to consume alcohol. Any obviously intoxicated person will be monitored and if the need arises will be escorted off the vessel. The use of illegal drugs is prohibited


The Charterer shall be responsible to the owner for any loss, damage or injury caused by the wilful or negligent acts of himself / herself or his/her guests to the captain of any event that may arise to a claim


The Captain shall observe all reasonable directions given to him by the Charterer regarding the movement of the catamaran, wind, weather and other conditions permitting, but retains full authority as the Master of the vessel and is not bound to observe any direction which, in the Captain’s sole discretion might result in the Catamaran or any of its occupants being placed at risk. Further, if in the reasonable option of the Captain, the Charterer or any of his guests fail to observe all or any part of their obligations and after the Captain has given due warning to the Charterer in respect of same, the Captain shall be entitled to return the catamaran and upon such return the charter shall be terminated without any entitlement by the Charterer to any refund of the charter fee.


The owner shall not be liable for any loss of personal property or goods of the charterer whilst on the boat.

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